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Commercial Litigation

Clearwater Commercial Litigation Attorney Mark E. Schleben, has the business dispute experience, expertise, and represent clients in commercial disputes. Business disputes attorney Mark E. Schleben has extensive experience litigating in federal and state courts, in arbitrations of legal disputes, from simple contractual matters to complex, multi-party actions.

Clearwater Attorney Mark E. Schleben, has extensive experience with clients and includes businesses, individuals of all types, including private and  public corporations, not for profit corporations, franchisees, professionals, developers, insured’s, mortgage brokers and real estate agents.

Clearwater Arbitration Attorney Mark E. Schleben, handles a wide variety of business dispute matters, including: • Contract Disputes • Non-Compete Agreements • Deceptive Trade Practices • Business Torts • Real Estate Litigation • Foreclosure • Insurance Coverage Litigation • Partnership • Arbitration and Shareholder Disputes.

Legal business disputes arise in a variety of business dealings, business owners and consumers finding it necessary to seek experienced counsel to protect their interests and rights. Arbitrator Attorney Mark E. Schleben, experienced with business disputes and in all phases of commercial litigation. Mark can step in at any point in the litigation process, assess the merits and value of the case as it evolves, and guide you through the pitfalls and traps that encumber the litigation process.

Whether the resolution is achieved through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution or litigation to verdict, Clearwater Arbitrator Mark Schleben, will do everything possible to protect his clients rights.



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